All the features you need, right at your fingertips

We encourage you to checkout the online demo so you can get a feel for the software. Alternatively, you can contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Shop Front - Websites for Florists

Your own bespoke web design

We design a website custom tailored to your existing branding. So you'll get your logo, colours and everything else that is part of your branding.

Full tablet/mobile phone support

The website we create supports all mobile devices, including tablets, iPads, iPhones, Androids, you name it - it supports it. This means that your customers will find using your site a breeze.

Facebook link

Facebook is of course a very powerful marketing tool and we integrate it onto your site.

Website editor to update your content

It's important to keep your website updated, both for your customers and for Google, since they will rank your website higher so you'll get more visitors and online orders. Using our website editor, you'll find it easy to update all your photos, images, content and more.

Satnav directions

It's nice to show your customers where to find you on a map, but it's a whole lot easier to simply give them a button they can press that launches their satnav on their mobile phone and automcatically directs them to your florist shop.

One-touch call buttons

The way we design your site means that, at any moment a customer visiting your site can call you with a press of a button. They don't need to dial your number, they simply press 'Call florist' and their phone dials it for them

Customer testimonials

People are persuaded by good reviews, and so we make it easy for you to display your customer testimonials from Facebook and other sources on your homepage.

Dedicated service pages, such as weddings and funerals

Some visitors will have a specific interest, such as viewing and booking a wedding service. In those cases, you can set up a specific page and easily update your content with new photos and prices.

Store manager

Products and categories

  • Multiple prices per item
  • Up-sell items, such as chocolates or gifts
  • Create, rename, hide and organise item categories
  • Edit photos with crop, rotate and more
  • Change the order of items on the website
  • Track stock on any item with automatic hide
  • Custom options for each item, such as 'Red, Large'
  • Feature any item(s) on the homepage


  • Collect and send e-mails to customer subscribers
  • Using AdWords, you'll be able to increase visitors
  • View the number of people visiting your website
  • Monitor your sales figures in any period


  • Instant notification for new orders
  • A quick glance shows you same-day orders
  • Print orders with a click of a button
  • Send customers an e-mail with one click
  • Customers receive automation order confirmations
  • Optional gift message

Additional features

  • Easily update your websites pictures, text and more
  • Customers can request delivery or collection
  • Customise delivery charges for postcode regions
  • Temporarily close your online store anytime
  • E-mail notification on low product stock tracking

Payment support

Your customers can pay how they wish, whether that's Visa, PayPal, MasterCard or other through the PayPal service. Alternatively, you can accept major credit cards on your own website by using a service such as WorldPay, or your existing credit card provider.

Please contact us for specific pricing when accepting credit cards.

Social Networking

Being social has become a fundamental part of most online businesses, and we embrace all networks to help you succeed. We can provide you training whether that's in-person, e-mail or on the phone.

Here are some specific networking providers and how we can help..


We begin with the two most useful and popular networking sites for florists. We can teach you how to create a Facebook business page, how to advertise items from your shop, increase your exposure and more.


All social networks have their own niche. Twitter is great for coming across as more personal to customers, and we can teach you how to use it effectively. Tuition includes promoting special offers, in-store events and more.


Similar to Facebook, Google+ gives you access to another customer base. We can provide tuition so you can use this powerful social network to your advantage..

Additional features

We listen to our customers which is why Florist Touch has become such a powerful and essential tool for many florists. Being in close contact, we work together to create additional features, which is so important in the age of online shopping.

Whilst we have made every effort to display what we feel the most important features, we couldn't list them all here. So if you have a specific enquiry, simply contact us, and we will be glad to help.